West Tennessee Reagan Day Dinner

Rafael Cruz

Red Apron Dinner


Red Apron Dinner~~Oct. 1st

Join us in welcoming Congressman Stephen Fincher on Monday, Oct. 1, as he serves pasta, fruit cup with cheese, and cookies at the GOP Headquarters, 225 S. First Street in Union City. The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. Donations for the dinner will be accepted for the GOP Headquarters Fund.

Election Night Watch at GOP Headquarters

The Obion County Republican Party held an Election Watch Event on Primary Election Day, August 2, at the new GOP Headquarters in Union City.
Helping to kick off the event were several candidates. Danny Jowers, State Senate Candidate, Diane Sanderson, School Board Candidate and Bill Sanderson, State Representative.
Local supporters gathered to celebrate victories and lament a couple of defeats.

TN House resultsState Senate ResultsCongressional Primary ResultsSenate Primary

Are you registered to vote?

Statistics show 30% of conservatives are not even registered to vote. In order to vote in the November election the registration form must be in the election commission office by noon on August 16th (not in the mail). Check your registration status here.

We Must Declare “Repeal We Must”

Fellow Republicans,

When I awoke this morning I was confident we would receive news from Washington that defeated the controversial government takeover of one-sixth of our national economy.  By mid-morning my hopes were dashed with horror.  The checks and balances of all three branches of our Federal Government had failed, leaving us with the monster government bureaucracy that we know as ObamaCare.  Rather than sending a flawed law back to the Congress, for whatever reason, the Supreme Court decided to tweak the law themselves in order to make a statement.  The Court was trying to say something that was not present in the legislation in order to follow the framework of the rule of law.  This unprecedented expansion of the federal government is unsustainable and we, as Republicans, must elect leaders at every level of government to uphold our conservative and fiscally-responsible platform.  After three plus years, and trillions of dollars already added to our federal debt by President Obama, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.  Our economy is in shambles.  Vice-President Joe Biden made a statement this week that said, “Millions in America are already feeling the effects of an economic depression.”  If you care anything about this country and hope to see anything left of an America that Ronald Reagan once called a “Shining City Upon a Hill”, then I hope you will do everything you can in order to defeat Barack Obama and every liberal leader that has brought us to the shameful state that America is in today.

May the Grace of God see us through these perilous times,

Ryan Ellegood
Vice-Chairman–Obion County Republican Party

Gov. Haslam and the Supreme Court Decision

Gov. Haslam addresses Tennesseeans about Obamacare Supreme Court Ruling

Welcome to the Obion County Republican Party

by David Parks

The United States took a giant leap backwards today. The affirmation of Obamacare was supported by the Supreme Court of the United States. Chief Justice Roberts’ explanation was  the  United States Congress’  right to tax. This will go down in history as the largest tax increase in the history of our United States of America. The only recourse we, as citizens, now have  is to re-double our efforts to elect conservative candidates to political offices in upcoming elections.



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